Cafe Galletti in Quito – Ecuador

If you have not been to Café Galleti in Quito, Ecuador, you cannot claim that you have seen or experienced the best of the country yet.

Location and How to Get There

Café Galletti is a premier tourist destination in the country’s capital city of Quito. It is at the heart of La Mariscal. It is quite very accessible, as you only have to take a cab to get there.

What to See There

Café Galletti is only about one thing: coffee! There are lots of roasted coffee beans varieties that you can buy here. Plus, there is the amazing option to sit down, relax, and just enjoy your best cup of coffee.


Café Galletti is a product of a partnership of Don and Ena Galletti. They established the coffee shop in 1996 with a vision in mind. That is, to offer the best gourmet coffeee products to the public. More than a decade after, have they been successful? Of course. That’s why Café Galletti is a must-see place whenever you happen to be in Ecuador. You cannot claim that you had the best taste of Ecuador until you are able to sit down with a cup of Café Gaklleti’s coffee. That is also reflective of the café’s motto: “If you have not had a cup of Café Galletti, you haven’t had a real cup of coffee.”


A cup of coffee at Café Galletti costs a dollar to four dollars per cup. That depends on what kind of coffee you are craving for.

Other Info

Café Galletti offers a wide variety of roasted coffee beans, organic Ecuadorian coffee, and flavored teas.

Its roasted coffee varieties are made from 100% Arabica beans harvested from the Ecuador Highlands and roasted using the Italian technology. There’s the Espresso Passion, the Turkish Mist, the Delirio Drip, the Excelso, and the House Blend The flavored coffee varieties roasted to perfection include French Vanilla, Orange Mocha, and Amaretto Flirt.

For the organic coffee, there are two varieties – the Specialty Cloud Coffee and the Ecuadorian Mountain Coffee. Both are 100% organic Arabica beans grown painstakingly good.

It is quite interesting that Café Galletti also offers specialty Artesian teas. They are a combination of herbal tea blended with 100% of natural dehydrated fruit. There’s Apple, Cinnamon, and Peppermint; Apple and Chamomile; Orange and Cedron; Orange, Cinnamon, and Black Tea; Tiger Nut Milk; Pineapple y Anisette; Chai; and Moroccan.

Taking a break in style from traveling through the historical and natural sites of Ecuador is equivalent to having coffee at Café Galletti. Oh, don’t forget to bring a bag with you as well. It is quite a lovely experience you should share with your loved ones back home.