Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique

Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique is an artificial lake in the country that provides electricity to nearby power grids as well as to certain parts of South Africa.

It is a popular tourist destination for those visiting the country as it provides outdoor recreational activities specifically geared towards explorations of the lake.


Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique is located along the Zambezi River within close proximity to the town of Songo. Tete Province is within Central Mozambique.

Getting There

From the city centre of Tete, there are chapas or minibuses available that can take you to Songo. From Songo, you can easily walk towards Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique.

You can also take a car hire service for a more scenic route along the Zambezi River. There is a main route that you can follow, the Tete – Songo route which can take you to the town and close to the Cahora Bassa lake.

What to See and Do

There are guided tours available that can take you down the dam. Usually, these tours are offered by providers of accommodations in Songo and also in Tete Province.

You can also visit the hills surrounding the dam and these provide good views of the lake.

Another popular activity for tourists visiting Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique is angling for Tiger fish. Again, you will have to have a guide before you can do this.

After your fishing expedition, you can have refreshments at one of the few diners located in Songo.

Brief History

Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique was a project undertaken by the Portuguese back in the late ‘60s. The project was aimed at operating a hydroelectric generating system to provide electrical power to South Africa.

Building the project proved to be not an easy task not only because of its extent but also because it has been attacked several times by guerillas wanting to cause damage and disruption to the project.

The dam finally began to be filled with water in the year 1974.

In 2007, Mozambique gained control of Cahora Bassa from Portugal.


Accommodations around Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique, which are mostly in the nearby town of Songo, cost about R140 per person, for self-catering accommodations while full accommodations usually start at R800 per person.

Full accommodations are already inclusive of room, boat hire, skipper, meals and fishing expedition.

Other Information

For your fishing trip, it is recommended that you visit Cahora Bassa in Tete Province – Mozambique between the months October and April. Tiger Fish is not very active during the months of May thru July while strong winds may prevail over the lake from the months of July thru September.