Cancun in Quintana Roo – Mexico

The various tourist attractions in Cancun have earned the place the moniker the Mexican Caribbean. Its beaches and other natural wonders are some of the reasons why tourists keep coming back here.

Location and How to Get There

There are several airlines that fly directly to the city. Once you arrive, there are transport services available at the airport that can take you around the city. You can get around the area via the bus station which is downtown. This is at the corners of Tulum and Uxmal Avenues.

What to See

Hitting the beach and waters are very popular and exciting activities. You can spend the day diving, snorkeling and swimming. You can also try swimming with dolphins via Wet’n’Wild, the Dolphin Discovery or Delphinus Dreams. Bird watching at the airport is also popular.

You may also visit the Xcaret ecopark and check out the different flora and fauna in the region. Other activities you can do are Jeep adventures, take the Lobster Dinner Cruise and the Aqua Tours. Another of the tourist attractions in Cancun is the Isla Contoy. It is a nesting place for the sea birds.


The city was created entirely for tourist purposes, and its location bears this out. During its construction, only few people lived in the area. Excavations have shown that there are some Mayan artifacts around.

In fact, there are several Maya temples in the vicinity. Through the years however, the place would become known for its powdery white beaches and pristine waters. Aside from the beaches, there are now many golf courses around.


Staying at an all inclusive hotel for a week or so will cost about 1000 USD. However, the costs and fares can go up if you visit during the peak tourist season from December to April. If you want to save on cash, visit during the summer and fall months.

Other Info

The Hidden Worlds Cenote Adventure Park is where you will find stunning cenotes. For some serious shopping, visit the La Isla with the stores numbering in the hundreds. If you know how to haggle, try the different markets nearby. If you love football, check out the Atlante team when they play at their home stadium.

The Interactive Aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Cancun. Situated in the center of the hotel zone, it allows you to see sharks, starfish and rays up close.