Cape Point in Western Cape Province – South Africa

The tourist attractions at Cape Point has kept it at the top of the must-see destinations in South Africa. It is a well known location and is renowned for its beauty.


The promontory is set at the Cape Peninsula southeast corner. It is 30 km to the southwest tip of South Africa. Cape Town City and Table
Mountain are nearby. It is to the north of Cape of Good Hope.

What to See

The lighthouse is one of the major tourist spots here. The lighthouse has a 63 km range. The lighthouse was constructed there in 1857, set at 238 m over sea level. Although the lighthouse was not always successful in aiding ships during its time, it has become a favorite destination for tourists today.

The area is also home to a number of shipwrecks. These include the 500 ton Lusitania, the Thomas T Tucker and the Phyllisia. One of the main tourist attractions at Cape Point is the “funicular”. Once aboard, you will be able to see the ancient lighthouse and other interesting sites.


The peak here is higher than that of Cape of Good Hope. The ridge that emanates from the Point splits into two peaks. The large peak is very conspicuous at the skyline. The old lighthouse is at this peak, though there is a smaller peak nearby. Bartholomeu Dias is the first individual recorded to have sailed to this promontory. This occurred in 1488.

On the way back, he made a stop at the southwestern tip of the country. He christened it Cabo Tormentoso, or Cape of Storms. Some time later, King John of Portugal renamed it Cabo da Boa Esperanca or the Cape of Good Hope. It was the journeys of these explorers that allowed the setting up of the Cape route.


Travel package tours for South Africa are available at different rates. As a rough guide, expect to pay R800 per individual. Also remember that some tours will require a minimum number (i.e., 4 people per tour).

Other Info

There is also a restaurant called the Two Oceans. Aside from the great food, you will enjoy a view of the False Bay. From the restaurant you will get to see the gorgeous waves below.

You can get more information about the tourist attractions at Cape Point if you can check out the Buffelsfontein Visitors Center. There are audiovisual presentations about the site. You will also get to see plenty of artifacts.