Cappadocia in Nevsehir Province – Turkey

The tourist attractions in Cappadocia are among the most spectacular in all of Turkey. If you have never been to the country, this place is a good first stop.


The area is in the Central Anatolia section of the Neveshir Province. The most comfortable way to reach the place is by plane. From Istanbul Ataturk Airport, there are flights to Kayseri Erkilet Airport. From the Kayseri Erkilet Airport you can ride a shuttle bus and go to the site. If you travel by bus from Istanbul, the trip will take 12 hours.

What to See

The place is known for its underground caves. Some of the best are in Mazikoy, Derinkuyu, and Kaymakli. Sinasos is well known for the ancient Greek houses. Other landmarks are the Goreme Open Air Museum, the Ihlara Canyon, the Zelve Open Air Museum and Cavusin.

The valleys and scenic landscapes have made hiking one of the most popular activities and tourist attractions in Cappadocia. A frequent trekking destination is the Pigeon Valley between Uchisar and Goreme. The trail is about 4 km long. There are signs along the way so you will not get lost. There are lovely vistas of caves and cliffs.


The dominating features of the landscape like the hills, rock formations and canyons are the products of winds and eroding rains lasting several thousands years. Contributing to the landscape formation were the volcanic eruptions of the nearby peaks. These activities did not stop until 2 million years ago.

Lavas emanated and streamed into the valley. This created a soft tuff layer over 300 ft thick. The winds and the rains would go on to produce the so-called fairy Chimneys and the other rocks. Due to the unusual shapes of the rocks, the ancient people living in the area considers them sacred.


The costs of tours around the area start at 45 USD per individual. This cost will likely include entrance fees to the various sites, the guide, transportation and tax.

Other Info

If you are at Goreme, you can try the hot air balloon tours. The balloon rides begin in the morning and will take you across the scenic valley. Other places you can visit are the Rose Valley and the Grape Church.

Apart from the many tourist attractions in Cappadocia, you should also visit the Turasan Wine Factory. Here you will get to know more about how their famous wines are made.