Carambola Gardens in Roatan Island – Honduras

The Carambola Gardens is one of the most fascinating places you can visit in the Honduras. Its numerous natural attractions are bound to keep visitors enthralled.


The Gardens can be found at the Sandy Bay, Roatan, Honduras. It is just across the street from Anthony’s. The most practical way to visit the place is by getting in touch with the Gardens. They will send a tour guide to pick you up at the cruise ship dock.

What to See

The site boasts of 100% natural, unspoiled land. There are several trails where you can go hiking. The beauty of the landscape also offers plenty of opportunity to go bird watching. The guides can also take you on wildlife tours. Apart from birds, you will also get to see different types of monkeys around.

There are special tours in the Carambola Gardens for students and researchers. Of course you can also relax. Plant lovers will enjoy the orchids and various medicinal / herbal plants. Nut trees, spices and mahogany trees abound. Apart from exploring the trails, visitors can also snorkel or swim in the pristine waters and enjoy the undersea scenery.


The island of Roatan is located at the second biggest reef in the world, the Caribbean Sea reef. The island was only discovered by ships in 2005. During the early years, the place was frequently visited by divers, drawn in by the lovely coral reefs. Word of its beautiful beaches spread rapidly. Today it is a favorite destination of cruise ships.

Usually, cruise ships will dock and tourists will descend on the island. In spite of its popularity though, the island has been well kept. There are also still places where it is quiet. In spite of its recent discovery, the island is quickly becoming a favorite destination for local and foreign tourists.


The entrance fee is $10. It costs $15 for a guided tour. Children under seven years of age are free to enter.

Other Info

Visitors can also try climbing the Carambola Mountain. As you make your way to the peak, you will see a sheer cliff. Near it are the parrot breeding grounds. The cliff also serves as sheler for the iguanas. At the peak, you will get to savor gorgeous vistas of Roatan island.

The Carambola Gardens can be visited from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Make sure to bring a camera so you can snap up some souvenir shots.