Carenage in Saint Georges – Grenada

St. George’s is the capital city of Grenada popular among tourists because of its picturesque hills, an ancient volcano crater and beautiful harbour. Within this harbor is Carenage in Saint Georges – Grenada.


Carenage in Saint Georges – Grenada is within the inner harbor of the island, just a few kilometers off the city center.

Getting There

If you are flying in to Grenada, the nearest airport to St. George’s is the Point Salines International Airport. It is approximately four miles off the city center of St. George’s.

Once in the city, you can easily reach Carenage in Saint Georges – Grenada via a taxi or bus service. The most comfortable means of transportation between the two however is the taxi.

You can get a taxi from practically anywhere in the city. Simply stand by a street corner and you can see various taxis drive past by. You can hail any one of these to get you to Carenage.

What to See and Do

A visit to Carenage in Saint Georges – Grenada will have you walking down a scenic harbor where you can have pleasant views of the water. There are also several restaurants lining the harbor where you can find the freshest sea foods for the day.

Walking along the harbor, you can also visit Fort George.

Tourists visiting St. George’s also look forward to Saturday mornings as this is the time when the Saturday morning market at Carenage in Saint Georges – Grenada takes place.

Here, you can find the freshest local produce, catches of the day and a variety of other food products.

Brief History: About St. George’s

The city of St. George’s was established by the French in the year 1650. It is said that the city was actually first explored by Christopher Columbus back in the year 1498 but it was virtually left unnoticed and uninhabited until the year 1650.

During this year, the Martinique government bought the island.

The island and the rest of the country experienced severe damage as a result of Hurricane Ivan. It was estimated that around ninety percent of the island and the country was destroyed.

With the help of international donations, the country and the city started rebuilding themselves and by the year 2007, St. George’s was back on its feet.


Accommodations around Carenage in Saint Georges – Grenada can be pretty expensive. Budget rooms usually start at US$81 up to US$101 per room, per night.

Mid-range rooms are about US$90 up to UUS$166 per room, per night; while more expensive accommodations start at US$190 and can go all the way up to US$1,000 per room, per night.

Other Information

Each year, on the 2nd week of August, the popular Carnival takes place in the island. The Carnival commemorates slave emancipation and parades, a beauty pageant plus lots of food and booze can all be experienced here.