Carib’s Leap in Sauteurs – Grenada

Carib’s Leap in Sauteurs is one of the most historic places in Grenada. While the city has many attractions, the cliff is without doubt the highlight.


Sauteurs is a fishing town. It is located in the Parish of Saint Patrick in Grenada. The town isn’t big so you will find the cliff very easily. it is the biggest town in northern Grenada. It is also Parish Saint Patrick’s capital.

What to See

The view from the top of the cliff is spectacular. The beauty of the verdant greens is matched only by the deep blue waters embracing the coast. Completing the scenery are the resplendent blue skies and white clouds.

At a height of 40 meters, it is not that difficult to climb. Aside from admiring the place, you can also take pictures of the rocks and the nearby river.


Carib’s Leap in Sauteurs earned its name when the last of the Natives jumped over the cliff in 1651 rather than surrender to the French. The name of the town itself means “jumpers” in French. In 1664, a grotto was established by the Dominican Fathers to remember those who perished. A short time later, the St Patrick’s Church was established.

According to some accounts, the French attacked the Natives during the festival when the Natives were drunk. It was the only way they could beat them. According to another account, the French tricked the Natives. They provided the brandy for the festival and attacked after they were intoxicated.


Buses are the most common form of transportation. The fares will vary from EC$ 2.50 to 10.00. It all depends on how far you are heading. There are car rentals available for US$ 50 to 75 per day.

If you have a legitimate license from your native country, you can get a Grenada license. This will cost EC$ 30. You can get the license from any police station.

Other Info

Petite Anse Hotel Restaurant & Bar is one of the finer eateries in the town. It is not that far from the cliff and can be the perfect place to relax. The place also has a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. The hotel specializes in local food. The menu changes frequently.

Besides Carib’s Leap in Sauteurs, there are other attractions at the town. This includes the historic altar and the fish market. There are also some shops in the area.