Carpathian Mountains – Romania

Romania is well-known for its mountain range which it shares in part with other neighboring countries including the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary, among others.

The Carpathian Mountains – Romania provide the ideal backdrop for winter sports in the cold season and a good number of outdoor recreational activities from summer thru autumn.


The Carpathian Mountains – Romania surround the northern, southern, eastern and western sides of the Transylvanian basin. Some of the cities in the country that are within close proximity to this mountain range are Cluj-Napoca, Bra?ov, Sibiu, Târgu Mure?, Baia Mare, and Turda.

Getting There

You have several options when it comes to traveling to Romania. There are several airports in major cities in the country that cater to international flights from major countries around the world.

The busiest and by far the largest international airport can be found in Bucharest. The Henri Coanda Airport has several international flights coming to and from countries in Europe, the Middle East and one direct flight to and from the United States.

You can also take a train service from other European countries to get into Romania.

Once in Romania, you can once again take a train ride to reach the cities of your choice that are close to the Carpathian Mountains – Romania.

On the other hand, if you are confident about driving in a foreign country, your best option is to take a car hire service as the country is well-served by an excellent road network connecting the various cities around the country.

What to See and Do

Visiting the Carpathian Mountains – Romania will give you plenty of opportunities to enjoy your favorite winter sports such as skiing, sledding and even snowboarding.

There are various ski lodges spread out throughout the country and you will find that these offer excellent venues for a variety of winter sports plus there are also equipment rentals that you can find for all your winter sports needs.

In the summertime and well thru autumn, you can still enjoy the Carpathian Mountains – Romania. You can go hiking, biking, river rafting down the Danube, bird watching, and horse-back riding; among many others.

The mountains are also home to a number of wild animals foremost of which are brown bears, lynxes and wolves.

Brief History

The Carpathian Mountains – Romania cover about fifty-three percent of the country. The 2nd highest range within the Carpathians is located in the country known as the Southern Carpathians.

The highest peaks are well over eight thousand and two hundred feet above sea level.

The Carpathians are generally categorized into three sections: the Western Carpathians, Eastern Carpathians and Southern Carpathians.

The Western Carpathians cover the countries Czech Republic, Poland as well as Slovakia; while the Eastern Carpathians which covers the countries Poland – on its southeast border; Slovakia – on its eastern border; Ukraine as well as Romania.

Southern Carpathians cover the countries of Romania as well as Serbia.


Tours to visit the Carpathian Mountains – Romania are available right in the country and the cost of these varies depending on the extent of the tour.

Group trips to the mountains generally cost about €198 for a moderate hiking trip to the mountains and can go up to €455 for hiking through several mountains.

Other Information

If you will be traveling to the cities close to the Carpathian Mountains – Romania and you would prefer to drive your own car hire service, you should take note of the speed limit which is generally 5o kilometers per hour in all major cities and towns in the country.