Carrasco National Park in Cochabamba – Bolivia

A place with more than 5,000 species of plants to offer, the Carrasco National Park is found within the Cochabamba Department in Bolivia. The park extends along the provinces of Chapare, Tiraque and Carrasco. The Jorge Wilstermann International Airport is one of the main points of entry to the country, which includes services from airliners like Continental, Air Canada and Copa Air. People from the U.S. can also avail the flight services offered by American Airlines, US Airways and United Airlines to Cochabamba.

The Carrasco National Park in Cochabamba – Bolivia’s Showcase of Rich Natural Biodiversity

Perfect for nature lovers, the Carrasco National Park offers beautiful sceneries of lush vegetation, waterfalls and mountains. It also features Inca Ruins, caves and more than 5,000 different plant species. The park is home to many different wild animals including Andean bears and jaguars. The park is a haven for bird enthusiasts because it offers hundreds of bird species like the popular oil bird or Guacharo, which makes nests in caves throughout the park.

The park is also a great place for those who want to go camping or fishing, which features natural pools ideal for trout fishing. There are five camping areas in the southern part of the park. Approximately six miles from Villa Tunari, tourists can find a wildlife sanctuary and enjoy free guided tours of the Repechon Caves. Several natural habitats can also be found here including mixed cloud forests, moist evergreen forests and Yungas paramo. The place also features several ecoregions such as the Tucumano-Bolivian Forest, the Inter-Andean Dry Forest and the Semihumid Puna.

The Carrasco National Park was established on October 11, 1991, which is governed by the Servicio Nacional de Areas Protegidas (SERNAP). The exuberant vegetation of the area is being maintained to harbor and protect several trees, plants and animals. People who wish to visit the park’s wildlife sanctuary should only pay 2.50 U.S. dollars in order to enjoy what the place has to offer.

Additional Information about the Carrasco National Park in Cochabamba – Bolivia’s Natural Tourist Attraction

The mountainous landscape of the Carrasco National Park is comprised of deep canyons, gentle valleys, waterfalls and rivers. One of the main objectives of the park is to conserve its biological diversity, specifically the humid cloud forests and highland ecosystems. It also aims to regulate the use of natural resources by the protected area’s residents while improving their living conditions. The direct and indirect pressures faced by the park include timber extraction, land invasions and illegal settlements.