Casa de Campo in La Romana – Dominican Republic

The Casa de Campo resort is one of the most beautiful resorts not just in the Dominican Republic but the world. Ever since it was developed, the place has gone on to become one of the most sought after vacation spots in the world.


The resort is located at the southeast coast in La Romana. It is only 1.6 mi from the Hotel Luxor. The place is well known, so you should have no problems finding it.

What to See

The resort is Ponderosa-style and is well known for its Teeth of the Dog golf course. Other courses are the Links Course and the La Romana Country Club. The newest course is the Dye Fore.

The course provides golfers with gorgeous views of the Altos de Chavon village. The resort also has a 400-berth marina. It comes with a 120-ton TraveLift. This part of the Casa de Campo resort is surrounded by homes, bars, shops and restaurants.

There is also a cinema near the parking lot. All the rooms in the hotels have safes where the guests can store all their valuables. The resort is also known for their highly trained staff and their hospitality.


The history of the resort began in 1975 when Gulf+Western started developing the 28 km2 (7,000 acre) land. This sugar mill land would eventually become the resort. The interior design was done by Oscar de la Renta, a friend of Charles Bluhdorn, the CEO of Gulf+Western. Following the death of Bluhdorn, the Fanjul family (sugar barons) purchased the land and turned it into a public resort.

The Diente del Perro golf course gained worldwide attention when it was featured in the 1971 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. To this day, it is considered one of the finest golf courses in the world. The other golf courses have also become famous worldwide.


The cost will vary per villa. Some are 20 USD per person. Others will charge 45 per individual. The costs will also be influenced by the type of activity you get into. For example, you have to pay a fee to play golf.

Other Info

The villas have many accommodation and amenities. These include pool floats and swimming pools. You can even hold weddings there. Some of the villas hive views of the Chavon River.

The Casa de Campo resort is always being upgraded, and there are several more features being added. These include restaurants, a fitness center and the lobby.