Casa De La Independencia in Asunción – Paraguay

The Casa de la Independencia Museum in Paraguay is one of the most significant edifices in the country. The house contains information and items related to the nation’s declaration of independence in 1811.


The museum is located in Asunción. It is at the corner of 14 de Mayo and Presidente Franco streets. It is easily recognizable owing to its colonial architecture and design.

What to See

The office room contains documents dating from the late 1700s up to the period of independence. Many of them bear the signature of patriots for the Paraguayan independence. Images and a bureau of Fernando de la Mora are there too.

The dining room features furniture and objects dating from the 18th century. Fulgencio Yegros’ sword is also displayed there. The living room contains French furniture dating from 1830. Some of the highlights include a wood brazier and a crystal chandelier. The oratory showcases Franciscan and Jesuit carvings.

The replica of the capitulary saloon can be reached by crossing the yard. The Spanish coat of arms dating from 1800 can be seen. An image of Emperor Charles V and other pictures dominate the site.

From the capitulary saloon, one can go into the Historical Alley. It was through this alley that the freedom fighters emerged. As such, it is one of the most important places in the whole museum.


The Casa de la Independencia Museum in Paraguay was inaugurated on May 14, 1965. The house where the museum is situated was constructed in 1772. It was created by Antonio Martinez Saenz.

Ownership of the house passed on to their two children and their wives. It would become the meeting place for the planned uprisings against the Spaniards. On the evening of May 14, the independence of the country was declared.


There is no admission fee to the museum.

Other Info

The corridor is noted for the two big boards that are adjacent to it. The yard showcases a Jose Laterza Parodi mural painting. The address to the junta can be read there. Under the note is the coat of arms of the then newly independent nation. The sundial of Santa Rosa is also there.

The Casa de la Independencia Museum in Paraguay is open from Monday to Friday 07:30 am to 6:30 pm. it is also open on Saturdays from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm. Bring a Spanish dictionary with you as there are few, if any explanations in English.