Casa de Tostado in Santo Domingo – Dominican Republic

The Casa de Tostado in Santo Domingo is a famous colonial house. The country is not lacking in historical buildings, but this is definitely one of the most interesting.


The house can be found in Santo Domingo. The city is by the Caribbean Sea. It is by the mouth of the Ozama River.

What to See

This colonial house was built by Francisco de Tostado de la Pena, a poet and professor. The edifice has the Dominican Family Museum. It was constructed in the 16th century. The building was designed in the Isabeline Gothic style.

The place is famous for being the home of the writer Francisco Tostado. The most famous feature of the Casa de Tostado in Santo Domingo is the twin stone window. The house used to have orchids and a garden by the sea. After the second owner of the house died, the place was abandoned. There are several antiques to be seen there.


This city is the oldest European settlement that has been lived in continually. The city was established by Bartholomew Columbus, brother of Christopher Columbus. After Columbus made his second voyage, he established Isabela, which is now Luperon.

Due to the difficult conditions in Isabela, his brother Bartholomew relocated the settlers to what is now Santo Domingo. The move was made in 1496. Official dedication of the city was in 1498.

The colonial governor Nicolas de Ovando came there in 1502. It would then become the base for Spanish exploration. The conquests of Mexico and Cuba were planned in this city. Following the conquests of the Incas and the Aztecs, the settlers went to South America.

Others went to Mexico and the city stagnated. In January 1586, the pirate Francis Drake and 700 of his men took over the city. He did not leave the city until 25,000 ducats was paid to him.


A luxury hotel can cost as much as 300 USD, but there are many cheaper lodging places available. Good food can be purchased for 5 USD or less.

Other Info

There are many tourist spots nearby. The Colonial Zone has the Ozama Fort, the Cathedral and the lcazar de Colon. There is also the Panteon Nacional, the Iglesia Regina Angelorum and the Ruinas de San Francisco.

The Casa de Tostado in Santo Domingo opens at 9:00 am and lasts until 4:00 pm, Monday to Saturday. The place is closed on Sundays.