Casa K’ojom in Antigua – Guatemala

The Casa K’ojom in Antigua is one of the most interesting museums in Guatemala. The museum was designed as a repository for Maya musical instruments.


The museum is located at the end of Calle del Cemetario Final, Jocotenango in Antigua. You can reach the place by taxi easily. It is at the town of Jocotenango. This is just a mile from Antigua.

What to See

Kojom is the Mayan word for music. Majority of the artifacts in the museum are based on the works of ethnomusicologist Samuel Franco. The museum is known for its multimedia archives. There are hours of sounds and music.

Visitors to the place will also get to see video clips about the artifacts. The Casa K’ojom in Antigua is also known for its color slides. These showcase rituals and events taken at patron saint festivals.

Tourists visiting the museum will also get to see a short documentary film about Mayan music. This documentary is worth checking out as it enhances your understanding of the musical instruments in the museum.


Antigua was established on March 10, 1543 by the Spanish conquistadors. For over two centuries, the city would be the seat of poser of the Spanish military governor. The original region consisted of much of Central America and the south of Mexico.

A 7.4 earthquake struck on September 29, 1717, destroying nearly 3,000 structures. Succeeding earthquakes would force the Spaniards to relocate the capital to the present day Guatemala City. Today, Antigua is known for its various religious celebrations. It is also one of Guatemala’s most popular tourist destinations.


The entrance fee to the museum is Q30 or about 4 USD. This is equal to 2.30 Pounds. The taxi fare is between Q20 and Q25.

If you want to stay in budget hotels, you will spend about 4 USD per person. Budget travelers can make do with about 15 USD daily. If you want to avail of prepared food, private bathrooms etc., the room rate will be about 35 USD per individual.

Other Info

The museum also has plenty of other interesting memorabilia and items. There is a small gift shop where you can buy some of the instruments. Crafts are also sold there. You can purchase some Guatemalan music recordings.

The Casa K’ojom in Antigua is open from Mondays to Fridays at 8:30 in the morning until 4:pm. On Saturdays it is open from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm.