Casa Popenoe in Antigua – Guatemala

The Casa Popenoe in Guatemala is one of the most renowned architectural landmarks in Guatemala. This beautifully restored house is a fine example of 17th century living in the country.


The house is located at Av. Sur at 5 Calle Oriente in Antigua. The house is constructed up to the sidewalk.

What to See

Large walls surround the place. but once you get to the inside, you will see that flowered patios are all around. The corridors are also beautifully shaded.

The edifice has been restored to recreate the atmosphere of 17th century homes. Inside the home, you will see authentic furnishing and paintings of Pedro de Alvarado, a fierce conqueror. There are paintings of Bishop Francisco Marroquin too. All the furnishings and art are from the colonial era.

The servants’ quarters have also been refurbished, as is the kitchen. Visitors to the Casa Popenoe in Guatemala can also climb up the narrow staircase. This will take you to the roof.

From the roof terrace you will see lovely vistas of the city. The far off volcanoes are also visible. Interspersed throughout the house are antiques. Visitors to the house should also not forget to visit the courtyard garden.


The house was originally constructed by Don Luis de las Infantas Mendoza in 1636. Mendoza was a powerful judiciary official.
However, the house was ruined following a series of earthquakes in 1773. It was completely abandoned until 1929. That was the year Dr. Wilson Popenoe and his wife Dorothy bought the property.

An agricultural scientist, Dr. Popenoe began restoring the place. Excavations and renovations were undertaken to rebuild the property. Aside from the renovation, antiques were also added to the property.

After he died in 1975, work was continued by his two daughters. While the house is private property, it has been opened to the public on specific times.


The entrance fee is 1.50 USD.

The budget hotels in Guatemala cost around US$4 to US$5. For midrange accommodations, you will have to spend around 50 to 60 USD.

Other Info

One of the more beautiful attractions in the complex is the “jacuzzi” at the backyard. When on the roof, do not forget to check out the dovecote. Other interesting areas are the laundry areas and the baths.

You can visit the Casa Popenoe in Guatemala from Mondays to Saturdays from to 2 pm to 4 pm. It is closed to the public on Sundays.