Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena – Uruguay

Punta del Este is a popular resort town in Uruguay whose beaches are deemed as among the best ones the world over.

Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena – Uruguay is not only a resort hotel in Punta del Este, it is also a museum and a recreational facility that is located a few kilometers from the ocean.


Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena – Uruguay is located in the city of Punta del Este, approximately thirteen kilometers from the city centre.

Getting There

From the city centre of Punta del Este, you can take a bus going to Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena – Uruguay. There are buses right at the terminal that goes directly to Punta Ballena so you wouldn’t have to change buses in midstream to be able to reach this resort town.

If you will be coming straight from the international airport in Punta del Este, your best option is to take a taxi going to Punta Ballena as this is only about ten minutes away from the airport.

What to See and Do

Tourists visiting Punta del Este do miss the opportunity to visit Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena – Uruguay. This complex has all the facilities that will make for a relaxing holiday by the ocean.

The structure is already an interesting sight as it takes on the traditional Mediterranean dwellings so common in Greece’s Santorini province.

Designed to look like a sculpture and built to serve as a dwelling place, Casa Pueblo has transformed from a residential place to a tourist complex that includes a hotel, an art gallery, a museum and a restaurant.

You can go swimming at the hotel pool, do a few exercises at the gym, walk by the ocean’s shores, view the exhibits displayed at the museum and art gallery; and then enjoy local dishes at the restaurant.

You can also surf the web at the hotel lobby where wi-fi internet access is provided for free.

Brief History

Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena – Uruguay was designed and built by one of the country’s most notable artists, Carlos Páez Vilaró as a tribute to his son, Carlitos Páez; who was one of the survivors of a plane crash.

It was also the artist who decided to add a hotel and a restaurant within Casa Pueblo to provide accommodations for tourists visiting Punta Ballena.


Room rates for Casa Pueblo in Punta Ballena – Uruguay vary depending on what type of room you will be getting. Suites that can accommodate up to two persons start at UUS$205, standard double rooms start at US$150, apartment types for two start at US$115, and matrimonial rooms start at US$150.

For rooms and apartments that can accommodate up to a maximum of four persons, costs range from US$200 to US$350.

Other Information

Check-in time for the hotel is from 4 pm onwards while check-out is before 10 the following morning. Children below two years old are free of charge.