Cathedral of Saint James in Sibenik – Croatia

The Sibenik Cathedral of Saint James is the see of the Sibenik diocese. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000.


The cathedral is in Sibenik. This is a small town situated in the middle of Dalmatia. This is where the Krka River flows at the Adriatic Sea.

What to See

The cathedral has a 32 meter high dome and three apses. Inside the cathedral are four columns which act as supports for the dome. At the right side of the first chapel is a bishop’s sarcophagus. To the back of the throne of the bishop is the statue of St. Elijah. There is also a sarcophagus of Bishop Ivan Stafilic.

Under the choir are the graves of bishops Spingarola and Calegari. The Sibenik Cathedral of Saint James is also known for its Altar of the Holy Cross. The altar is dominated by a Felipe Zaniberti painting. There is also the Altar of the Holy Three Kings.

When visiting the cathedral, you can also admire the view at the front with the rosetta. Not to be missed of course, are the myriad sculptures.


The idea for building the cathedral began in 1402. However, some semblance of construction had begun as early as 1298. But the task of changing the Romanesque cathedral started in 1431. The construction can be divided into three parts.

From 1433 to 1441, building was done by Italian masters and masons. It was in 1536 when the entire cathedral was finally finished. Those responsible for putting on the finishing touches were Bartolmeo of Mestra and his son.

The consecration took place in 1555. Between 1850 and 1880, restoration work was done on the cathedral. Between 1992 and 1997, the cathedral underwent more renovations.


Luxury tours will cost about 600 USD per person. The first class tours will be in the range of 80 to 350 USD. The most basic tours will cost at least 50 USD. Of course there are tour packages available. You have to compare the costs before you decide which one to get.

Other Info

The cathedral is also noteworthy for the reliefs of angels. They are depicted holding the Nikola Firentinac scroll. The treasury is also noted for the works of Renaissance master Horacije Fortezza.

The Sibenik Cathedral of Saint James suffered some damage during the fighting in 1991. However, it has since been repaired and restored fully. It is now a favorite among tourists.