Cathedral of San Marcos in Arica – Chile

Cathedral of San Marcos in Arica, Chile is not just a spectacular structure of a building because it also houses a rich history within its pillars.

Location and How to Get There

The Cathedral of San Marcos (also popularly known as the San Marcos de Arica Cathedral) is a popular tourist attraction in Arica, a resort town located in northern Chile. Traveling to this pretty busy town, which is a major destination for Chilean tourists, is easily accessible. You can get there by bus, by shared taxis, and by train, depending on your departure point.

Once in Arica, you can get by walking through different tourist attractions as they are not too far from each other. If you are in a hurry and you think strolling along the other pedestrians is not for you, you can take a bus to get around for a minimal fee of less than a US dollar.

What to See There

The Cathedral of San Marcos is a majestic structure. It is designed by Gustave Eiffel, the same popular man behind the blueprint of Paris, France’s Eiffel Tower. The cathedral’s pink and white façade is a popular landmark in Chilean architecture; its lovely interior is a by-product of the country’s historic perspective.

There are lots of tourist destinations that are within easy access from the cathedral of San Marcos. There’s the Culture Museum, the Archaeological Museum, the Arica Hill, and the Arica beaches among others. Plaza Colon, the site where you will enter the cathedral from is also worth exploring. Although the church is pretty much a stunning sight to behold, you must not spend all of your time there. After being mesmerized by the majestic cathedral, you can take side trips to other sites so you can make this vacation truly worthwhile.


The Cathedral of San Marcos was built in early 1870s. Construction for the church was completed in 1875. In 1984, over a century after the cathedral was established, it was named a National Monument.


The amount you will have to pay to explore the Cathedral of San Marcos is very minimal compared to the joy and entertainment that will result from your undertaking. The church is a lovely place to start when you are planning for an Arica, Chile adventure. From there, you can easily access other tourist spots, which are also worth seeing.

Other Info

There are a couple of other structures that were designed by Eiffel in Arica. La Aduana is one of them.