Cayo Coco in Ciego de Ãvila Province – Cuba

Cayo Coco in Ciego de Avila Province – Cuba provides an idyllic getaway so unlike the usual tourist atmosphere in other parts of the country. This makes for the perfect holiday destination for those who want to enjoy a relaxing and quiet vacation with friends and family.


Cayo Coco in Ciego de Avila Province – Cuba is part of the Jardines del Rey group of islands. It lies off the northern coast of the province of Ciego de Avila.

Getting There

To get to Cayo Coco in Ciego de Avila Province – Cuba, you can fly in via the Jardines del Rey airport which is right in Cayo Coco. From the airport, there are buses that can take you directly to your accommodations as well as to various resorts around the island.

The ride takes approximately fifteen minutes as the island is rather small and anywhere from the airport is approximately fifteen minutes away.

What to See and Do

There’s not much to see and do around Cayo Coco in Ciego de Avila Province – Cuba; however, this does not mean that it isn’t an excellent holiday destination. There are beaches surrounding the area and most of these are not filled with tourist crowds which means that you can enjoy the sun, sand and surf without being disturbed.

There is a spa located in the island if you want a relaxing massage and a night club for a bit of night life entertainment. Apart from these, you can also enjoy walks around the island where you can mix and mingle with the locals.

This being said, do not expect a party scene while you’re in the island. Basically, it’s the peace and quiet against a backdrop of beautiful beaches that visitors look forward to when visiting Cayo Coco.

Brief History

Cayo Coco in Ciego de Avila Province – Cuba is administered by the Municipality of Mor?n, one of the 10 municipalities that within the Ciego de Avila Province.

The island derived its name from the local Coco birds which can be found in the island.

The island once served as a hideout for privateers or buccaneers during the early colonial times. The island is isolated from mainland Cuba and is only connected to the mainland by a causeway which was constructed in the year 1988.

The construction of the causeway paved the way for the establishment of a few resorts in the island to welcome tourists.


There are several nice hotels and resorts around the island of Cayo Coco in Ciego de Avila Province – Cuba. On the average, accommodation costs start at $110 and can go all the way up to $135 for mid-range rooms per night.

More expensive hotels have room rates that start at around $170 and can go up to $304 per room, per night.

Other Information

If you wish to see more of Cuba, you can go to nearby Mor?n where the biggest natural lake in the country is located: the Laguna de Leche otherwise known as Lake of Milk.