Central Moravia – Czech Republic

There are several tourist attractions in Central Moravia, and they are varied and rich. If you are visiting the Czech Republic, this is one place you will want to check out.


This area is formed by the regions of the Zlin and Olomouc in the Czech Republic. The whole area covers 9,231 km2.

What to See

The area is known for its farmstead and fertile land. Rich in tradition, you will often see people still clad in traditional costumes. There are several Baroque cathedrals and churches to explore, as well as monasteries.

You will also find pilgrimage sites. This part of the country also has many spa towns. The deepest point in the country, the Hranicka Abyss, is here.

Interacting with the locals will give you a chance to learn its rich folklore. Some of the best tourist attractions in Central Moravia can be seen at the region’s eastern part.

There you will come across the Oderske and Hostynske vrchy hills. Other attractions include the Most Holy Trinity monuments and the Kromeriz. The latter is known for its gardens and chateau.
Other popular activities at the area are windsurfing, sailing and swimming.


Sometime in the 5th century, Slavic tribes came to the area making up Moravia, Bohemia and Silesia. The Czechs would go on to establish the Premyslide dynasty and the Bohemian kingdom. This kingdom would rule Moravia from the 10th to 16th century. Under Charles IV, Prague was turned into the capital.

The Hussite movement brought forth Czech nationalism. Ferdinand I of the Hapsburg came to the throne in 1526. The ensuing Czech rebellion in 1618 resulted in the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648). However, they were defeated in 1620.

It was not until the end of World War I was the country liberated after the Austrian-Hungarian Empire collapsed. The union of Slovakia and the Czech lands took place on Nov. 14, 1918. The country split into two in 1991. This came about as Slovak nationalism grew.


Some hotels cost 129 Pounds (dboule), but others are cheaper and may cost 53 Pounds.

Other Info

Some of the picturesque towns you can visit are Hranice, Prerov, Kostelec na Hane, and Prostejov. Also worth a look are the Bouzov castle and the Namest na Hane chateau.

Other tourist attractions in Central Moravia are the Church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary and the archbishop’s palace in Olomouc. For the more adventurous, there are more than 1000 km of cycling trails available.