Centre of Europe in Vilnius – Lithuania

The Centre of Europe in Vilnius is one of the most significant landmarks in Lithuania. Since this spot has been marked as the center of the continent, it has become a must-see attraction.


The landmark is situated 26 km at the north of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

What to See

The spot is marked by a white granite column. At the top of the column are a dozen stars. If you visit the site, you will also come across the tourism information center. Here you will find more information about the place.

Every visitor to the site will also get a certificate proving they have been to the Centre of Europe in Vilnius. The site is also close to a nature forest reserve. This is close to the Purnuskes village. The monument was created by Gediminas Jokubonis. There is also a museum where you can get more facts about Lithuania.


The recorded history of Lithuania began in 1009. The Lithuanians were descendants of the Baltic people. These people took over the land making up Lithuania and the neighboring areas. They established the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and later on the Kingdom of Lithuania. By the 15th century, Lithuania had become the largest state in the continent.

A union with Poland led to the establishment of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1569. The Partitions of the Commonwealth resulted in the end of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Until the onset of the 20th century, the site would remain under Russian rule. On February 16, 1918, Lithuania became a democratic state. It would remain independent until the outbreak of World War II. In the 1990s, the country would regain its independence as the Soviet Union collapsed. It is now embedded into the European political structure.


Travel tour packages to the country have different prices. A 10 day tour with hotel accommodation (single) will cost around 1000 USD or so. If you want a week (or longer) tour at mid range / luxury hotels, the cost will be much higher.

Other Info

If you are in Vilnius, don’t forget to drop by the Old Town, the city’s historical center. Another popular site is the castle set on the small mound. Other tourist attractions in the city are the cathedral, Gediminas Tower of the Upper Castle and Gates of Dawn.

The Centre of Europe in Vilnius also has a gift shop. You can buy some interesting stuff there as you go around the area.