Cerro Hoya National Park in Herrera – Panama

Cerro Hoya National Park is one of Panama’s most interesting parks. There are many forest reserves in the country, but this is one of the finest.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The park is situated at the southern end of Veraguas province. It is at the southwestern point of the Azuero Peninsula. It is just over Panama’s Pacific coast.

If you are in Panama City, the distance is 350 km. The area is best accessed by way of Los Buzos port at Tonosi. You can also get to the site via Restingue port at Montijo. Vehicles can only go as far as Restingue and Tonosi.

What to See There

Cerro Hoya National Park’s most prominent feature is the mountain ranges. The peak reaches a height of 1,559 meters. It is the highest at Azuero. The mountain range is also notable for its climate. It varies significantly from the peaks to the seaside.

The park is also known for its diverse ecosystem. The coastal levels are marked by a moist tropical rainforest. At the top is the low mountain forest. The endangered scarlet macaw can be found in the park as well as 95 other bird species.

Birds are not the only animals you can find here. Big cats like panthers are also prevalent. Different types of insects and reptiles abound too.


The park was established in 1985. Its origin is mostly volcanic. The area is difficult to access, which has helped preserve its status. However, there are now two administrative centers. One is at Restingue area of Veraguas Province.

The other one is at Tonosì, Los Santos Provence. As the place became popular with tourists, hotels and accommodations were set up. Most are found in Tonosi and Las Tablas.


A three day / two night stay will cost about $200 per person. This includes the visit to the park and also accommodations.

Other Info

Other animals can be found in the park. These include the black headed trogons, black hooded ant shrikes and green macaws. The park’s coastal areas are rich in coral reefs.

There are also mangrove swamps and coastal cliffs. Many rivers and waterfalls are found in the area. These include Pavo, Varadero, Sierra and Punta Blanca.

The Cerro Hoya National Park is not as popular as the other parks. This is due to its inaccessibility. But those who persevere will be amply rewarded by some truly stunning scenery.