Chake Chake in Pemba Island – Tanzania

Chake Chake in Pemba Island is one of the major cities in Tanzania. It has many attractive features that will keep tourists happy and occupied.


The city is in the island of Pemba. This is at the Zanzibar archipelago at the eastern coast of Africa. It is 50 km at the east of Tanzania.

What to See

One of the major attractions in the city is the amusement park. There are several rides which the young and the young at heart will enjoy. The city is also well known for the Mkama Ndume ruins.

Located in the Pujini village, the ruins date back to the 14th century. These ruins are near the airport. Chake Chake in Pemba Island also has some ruins of an 18th century fort.

The landscape around the city is equally fascinating, with different kinds of hills. If you drop by in August, you will be in time for clove harvesting. You cannot miss it as the smell can be discerned for kilometers. A visit to the essential oils factory will definitely be an eye opener.

The city is set at the top of a hill. From there, you get a nice view of the bay and the island of Misali.


Pemba Island is a component of the Zanzibar archipelago. Unlike the rest of the archipelago, the landscape is more fertile. There are also more hills. Small scale farming is prevalent on the island. Clove trees number in the millions on the island.

In the past, the island was shunned due to perceived political violence. However, tourism is now bringing in economic prosperity to the area. Through the years, significant number of Arab people settled in the land. Although Wete is the biggest city, Chake Chake is the capital.


Safari tours to the country cost around 2000 USD. However, many factors can affect the price. These include the duration of the trip and where you want to go.

Other Info

The city is well known for its fish market and the dhow port. There is also a museum along the old fort. It is full of interesting artifacts and information about the place. For many people, taking strolls around the city is a most enjoyable activity. This becomes even more so thanks to the agreeable climate.

Chake Chake in Pemba Island is also recognized worldwide for its excellent diving site. Many of its finest dive sites are in the northwest coast. These are now popular destinations which can be easily visited.