Cherating Beach in Pahang – Malaysia

If you like a trip to the beach, there is one Malaysian destination you should never miss. That is the Cherating Beach in Pahang. It is a popular beach town among surfers and all kinds of beach bums all over the world.

Location and How to Get There

Cherating Beach is an immaculate and breathtaking lining, situated at the east coast of Malaysian Pensinsular.

It can be accessed by road and air travels. It is only about a 35-minute plane ride from Kuala Lumpur . By road, you will have to endure a three-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur.

What to See There

The pristine water of Cherating Beach is something you cannot exchange for anything. It is suitable for many interesting water activities among which, swimming and surfing are on top of the list. If you do not have that flare for water sports, you may also just enjoy the sight and the opportunity for some soothing relaxation that it offers.

There are numerous resort hotels lining up the famed stretch. That means, you will have countless options for your vacation, depending on your preference and your budget. Recreational facilities usually include swimming pools, gymnasium, sauna, video games, indoor and outdoor game facilities, and spa among others.

It is easy to mix business and pleasure while you are at Cherating Beach. Various facilities and resort features offer an enormous wealth of options for every kind of tourist.


Cherating Beach is legendary for its South China Sea waves. Due to the tourism demands, resort facilities started to sprout. It has been a “surfer’s haven” since the 1970s.

From then, the beach town has become in demand. People go ga-ga over its waves, its white sandy beach, and its assortment of accommodation and dining facilities.


Costs vary when it comes to a vacation in Chearating Beach. Different resort hotels offer varying rates for their brand of accommodation.

The best way to find the type of accommodation that suits you is to scout for them prior to your trip. Planning will do so much for your budget because it will allow you to see your options beforehand and decide which choice is best.

Other Info

Aside from water sports and activities, there are other fun activities you can enjoy at Cherating Beach. There’s batik painting, cruising, and visiting a cultural village. You may also go and see the Cherating Turtle Sanctuary Center. All these add up to the value of your vacation, making every cent spent truly worthwhile.