Chiclayo in Lambayeque Region – Peru

The myriad tourist attractions in Chiclayo Peru are the reasons why it has always been one of the popular destinations for visitors to the country. Today, more and more travelers are discovering the beauty of this city.


The city is the capital of the region of Lambayeque. This is at Perus north plain. You can get here by plane via flights from Trujillo, Pirua and Lima. Cajamarca offers chartered flights. If coming from Lima, you can also take the bus.

What to See

There are several archaeological sites here. Tucume or the Valley of the Pyramids boasts of 26 pyramids. There are also healing centers there. One of the most popular tourist attractions in Chiclayo is the tomb of Lord Sipan. The treasures that were uncovered here consisted of gold, silver and precious gems.

If you want to know more you can check out the Sipan Museum. Visitors can also go shopping at the Witch Market where you can buy many low priced items. You can also shop at the Plaza Real Center.

You may also want to visit the town of Pimentel, famous for its beach resorts. They provide a good place to go surfing and do other watersports.


The city was established in 1560. It began its life as a small town and remained so until the 19th century. From the 19th century onwards, the city grew and prospered quickly. The Lambayeque region eventually led to the emergence of the Mochica culture.

During its early history and even today, some parts of the city are known for witchcraft. Apart from archaeological sites, burial tombs are also aplenty.


Taxi rides here are cheap. A short ride will cost PES/2. The entrance fee to the Sipan Museum is 10 S. The airfares cost will vary depending on where you come from.

Other Info

The city is also known for its many fiestas and festivals. These include the Festival of Santísima Cruz de Chalpon in February and the Holy Cross of Motupe Pilgrimage. This is regarded as the most important religious celebration in the city.

This celebration begins in early Agust and lasts for several days. There are also numerous restaurants and hotels in and around the city.

The tourist attractions in Chiclayo are steadily increasing. For those who want some thrills, they can visit the casinos and clubs. You can also drop by the nearby city of Monsefu, home of unique and elegant handicrafts.