Chiesa dei Cappuccini – San Marino

Chiesa dei Cappuccini is one of the more popular tourist attractions in San Marino with its magnificent structure coupled with a rich history.

Location and How to Get There

Chiesa dei Cappuccini is located at Via dei Capuccini in the capital city of San Marino so getting there should never be a problem. There are transport options that make this site accessible both from those who will come from overseas and those who will come from nearby towns and cities.

What to See There

The most amazing thing about the Chiesa dei Cappuccini is its magnificent architecture. It reminds of the ancient structures, which only stand for stunning beauty.

It has very interesting clusters including the façade, the portico, and the cloister. Apart from those three clusters, there are also painting displays that are well worth your time and effort. The fascinating monument of St. Francis of Assisi located in the church’s courtyard is also something you should not miss,


The Chiesa dei Cappuccini was buil during the16th century. It houses a rich history and culture that will help you understand the Republic of San Marino, including its people, better.

It played a vital role in the history of modern Italy. In 1849, the church played host to Garibaldi’s soldiers shortly after the Republic of Rome’s uprising failed.


There is no amount that you need to pay to enter the church and marvel at its astonishing beauty. But of course, you will have to pay for transportation, accommodation, and for whatever travel activities you will get into while you are there.

Other Info

Chiesa dei Cappuccini is an amazing view in general. It is a landmark that you will hardly be able to ignore with its magnificent neo-classic design. It is a late-Renaissance structure made of bricks and stones. What’s more, upon visiting the sight, you can easily tell that it is well taken cared of, well-restored, and well-maintained.

Aside from visiting the famous church, there are many other activities that you can do in the city of San Marino. Sports and fitness are major activities that are offered by the scenic city. Places to play football and tennis are spread throughout. You can also go swimming, bowling, fishing, or play basketball and volleyball.

Aside from sports, you can also enjoy San Marino at night, with many interesting restaurants and pubs. Local cuisine is generally Italian so be ready to enjoy pastas and roasts and tarts and wines in sit-down eateries that you can find just about anywhere.