Church of Peace in Jawor – Poland

The Church of Peace in Jawor, along with the one in Swidnica are the biggest timber framed religious edifices in the European continent. More than just an architectural masterpiece, the Jawor building also represents religious tolerance.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The town of Jawor is located between the roads of Wroclaw and Berlin. If you’re driving by car, remember that the church is situated close to some vegetable gardens. It is not far off the cemetery. There are also plenty of tour buses nearby. You will also see a large UNESCO sign.

What to See There

Various ornaments adorn the walls of the Church of Peace in Jawor. The ceiling is also elaborately designed. When you go in the church, you will see row upon row of wood benches. Unlike other Protestant churches, the interiors are more elaborate.

There is an ornate high altar. Over 140 scenes from the Bible are painted on its walls. The church is 15.7 meters (52 ft) high, 14 meters (46 ft) wide and 43.5 meters (143 ft) long. It has a capacity of over 5,000.


The churches in Swidnica and Jawor were built in the 17th century. Following the 1648 Peace of Westphalia, the Silesia Protestants were permitted by the Habsburg Roman Catholic emperor to have their own place of worship.

However, the edifices had to be made of clay or wood. The church also had to be built in less than a year’s time. Architect Albrecht von Sabisch was responsible for the church’s design. The church had to be large enough to accommodate the Protestants in the area.


It depends on what kind of accommodations the trip will have. An economy or budget tour will have a starting cost of 37 Euros. A private tour of the place will set you back at least 100 Euros. This price is per person. The so-called premium tours will take you to other places around the town.

Other Info

The Church of Peace in Swidnica is almost identical to the one in Jawor. It is however, smaller. The two villages are in fact close to each other. An identical church used to be in Glogow. However, it was burned in a fire sometime in the 18th century. Like the religious building in Jawor, the style is baroque.

The Church of Peace in Jawor is a major tourist spot in Poland. It also serves as a reminder that religious tolerance did exist in some form during the 17th century.