Chuuk Lagoon – Micronesia

There are many diving sites in Micronesia. The Chuuk Lagoon is one of those that you should explore because it is truly worth the trip.

Location and How to Get There

The Chuuk Lagoon is an island that is the center of population of the Chuuk Region. There are many populated islands surrounding it so you should not worry about getting short of things to do while in there.

To get to the state of Chuuk, one has to take a plane. There are regular flights from Palikir and from Guam. When you arrive at Chuuk, you will not find any decent public transport options because infrastructure is quite bad. You can take a taxi or a scooter or rent a car but be prepared to face rough roads, much what you would expect in a relatively poor country To get to Chuuk Lagoon and to many other islands, you will have to take the boat route. Hiring a boat is also what you would need to travel in between the many islands in the region.

What to See There

Chuuk Lagoon is a huge archipelago with a barrier reef and mountainous islands. The view there is something that your eyes will love to feast on.

Aside from sightseeing, you can go scuba diving. This is truly a diver’s haven with many wonderful shipwrecks.

If you like to swim, you can hire a boat to reach nearby beaches. There is no real place to swim while at Chuuk Lagoon, Hotels do not even have swimming pools slated.

But don’t worry. Traveling to a nearby beach is an adventure on its own. Plus, expect to see more spectacular sights and a handful of water activities available as you reach them.


The story behind Chuuk Lagoon’s inclusion on the Top 10 Wreck Dives in the World is mainly due to the fact that it was used as a Japan Naval Base during the Second World War. It was even named the “Gibraltar of the Pacific” for the heavy fortifications built there.

In 1944, the US Air Force conducted its Operation Hailstorm, which wiped out the Japanese fleet that was stationed in the island. That is the story behind the 70 shipwrecks and plane wrecks littering the seabed of Chuuk Lagoon.


You can find a variety of scuba diving packages available in the island. Each comes with a different feature and commands a different price.

Other Info

Chuuk Lagoon is quite poor so you should not expect top-of-the-line amenities because you will only get disappointed. Hotel rooms are, however, mostly air-conditioned and clean.