Cocoloko Beach in Ada Foah – Ghana

Cocoloko Beach in Ada Foah – Ghana is an ideal getaway for those looking to experience a bit of the Ghanaian way of life. This small fishing village offers guests a quiet holiday amidst the beautiful waters of the beaches and swaying palm and coconut trees.


Cocoloko Beach in Ada Foah – Ghana is located in the Greater Accra Region in Totimkope, Ada Foah.

Getting There

If you are traveling via your own car service, you can take the highway going to Tema from Accra. Once you reach the roundabout, exit at Aflao and then drive straight on until you get to Kasseh.

From the center of Kasseh, make a right turn in the direction of Big Ada and then drive on for about twenty kilometers or so. You will then reach Ada Foah. As you drive straight on, you will meet a junction upon which you should make a right turn going to Clinic Street.

From here, drive on for another two kilometers and then you will once again meet a junction where you will see Cocoloko Beach in Ada Foah – Ghana on your left side.

On the other hand, if public transportation is your preferred means, there are tro-tros from Tema Station. Once you reach the roundabout, transfer to another tro-tro from across the street at the Aflao exit. From here, you can go straight to Cocoloko Beach.

What to See and Do

As this is a beach resort, you can swim in the waters; tan under the sun; play beach volleyball or simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

If you happen to be visiting between the months of November and December, you might just catch sea turtles laying their eggs on the beach.

Fishing, sailing and going on boat cruises are also a few other activities that you can do while holidaying at Cocoloko Beach in Ada Foah – Ghana.

You can also visit the Saturday Market in Ada Foah where you can purchase local produces and fresh catches of the day.

For dining, there are restaurants that offer freshly-caught fishes cooked in the traditional Ghanaian way plus a number of Continental dishes for variety.

Brief History – About Ada Foah

In the year 1775, a trading post was built by the Dutch in Ada Foah to open-up trading between the town and parts of Europe. In later years, the Danes got control of the town from the Dutch, and they remained here for over one hundred years.

Fearing attack from nearby tribes, a fort, Ada Fort, was built to protect the town and this is actually where the town got its name. However, the trading post became a market for trade of slaves where Ada acted as middleman.

Due to the town’s close proximity to the beaches, much of its structures were washed away when the water rises. Today, Ada Foah has become the idyllic getaway for those looking for a quite kind of holiday.


The cost to stay at Cocoloko Beach in Ada Foah – Ghana is 25 Ghanaian Shillings for a single room, per night; 30 Ghanaian Shillings for a double room, per night and 15 Ghanaian Shillings for an ordinary hut, per night.

Prices already include taxes and a free breakfast.

Other Information

Every end of the month, a beach party takes place at Cocoloko Beach in Ada Foah – Ghana where there is music and dancing.