Copa Ruinas Archaeological Site in Copan – Honduras

A Copa Ruinas tour is an excellent opportunity to explore the great Mayan civilization. The ruins here are among the most impressive in all of the Americas.


The ruins and the town nearby that bears the same name is in the western Honduras. The town is set in a valley within rolling hills. You can get there via buses from Guatemala and San Pedro Sula. If you are in the Honduras, you can take the shuttle buses at La Entrada. The trip will take a couple of hours.

What to See

The ruins at the site are comparable to Teotihuacan in Mexico or Tikal in Guatemala. What makes the place truly interesting are the sculptures. More are found here than any Pre-Columbian ruins. These consist of hieroglyphics and carved stellae of ancient rulers. Another highlight here is the museum. This is a rebuilt temple. The site is filled with many different artifacts related to the Maya.

Both the ruins and the museum are filled with Mayan art. There is also a tunnel in the site which was made by archaeologists.
Aside from the Copa Ruinas tour, the countryside is also worth exploring. It is a great place to get in touch with the locals.


Copan was known by the Maya as Xukpi. It was the major Mayan city to the south of their kingdom. The city was one of the biggest and most important cultural centers in the Americas. It was in this city that the Maya developed their advance mathematics and astronomical sciences.

Just like the other cities, the Myans used hieroglyphs as the basis of their writing. Copan reached its peak in the 7th century. In many ways, it was like the Athens of the Americas. Due to its importance, the site was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the year 1980. To this day, numerous plazas can still be seen.


The entry fee to the ruins is 15 USD per individual. The entry fee to the museum is 7 USD.

Other Info

Agua Caliente is a hot springs about 60 minutes away from the town. There are plenty of attractions on its own. You can spend hours exploring the site.

If you are going on a Copa Ruinas tour, it is best to hire a guide so you will have no trouble navigating the area. The site opens at 8 in the morning. Make sure to get there as early as possible to avoid the heat.