Cousin Island – Seychelles

Cousin Island – Seychelles is an island owned by Birdlife International. It is a nature reserve under the jurisdiction of Nature Seychelles, a non-governmental organization established to protect and conserve the environment in the island nation.


Cousin Island – Seychelles is situated about 2 kilometers South-South-West of the second largest island in Seychelles: Praslin Island.

Getting There

The only way to get to Cousin Island – Seychelles is via a travel agency. They will be responsible for transporting visitors to the island upon which the guests will be asked to board a special Cousin Island boat which will then take you directly to the island.

This measure is being undertaken in order to avoid accidental and unnecessary transport of pests to the island reserve.

What to See

Various birds can be seen in the island including 5 of bird species endemic to Seychelles. These are the Seychelles magpie, sunbird, blue pigeon, warbler and Seychelles fody.

Fairy terns, white-tailed tropicbirds, brown noddies, terns, and shearwaters can also be spotted within Cousin Island – Seychelles, particularly during the nesting season.

Hawksbill turtles are also seen within the island during nesting season. You may also come across Aldabra Giant Tortoises during your visit to the island.

Brief History

Cousin Island – Seychelles was formerly a coconut plantation until the year 1968 when Birdlife International bought the island in order to preserve the remaining birdlife in the island, particularly the Seychelles Warbler.

The foundation stripped the island of coconut trees to allow the island’s own flora and fauna to thrive.

From the twenty-six warblers that were left in the island before it was purchased by Birdlife International, this number has grown to three thousand thanks to the combined conservation efforts of Birdlife International and Nature Seychelles.


There is an entry fee to the island that guests will have to pay prior to visiting Cousin Island – Seychelles. The admission fee is pegged at 500 Seychelles Rupee.

For commercial photographers as well as film crews, there is an additional fee that needs to be paid. Fees vary and need to be paid at the Mahe office prior to leaving for the island.

Other Information

No guests will be allowed to stay overnight in the island as part of the preservation and conversation program. Cousin Island – Seychelles is open from Monday to Friday; from ten in the morning and up until midday only.

The island is closed during special holidays and on weekends.

Residents of Seychelles can visit the island free of charge.