Cradle Mountain in Tasmania – Australia

Going on a trip to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, Australia will showcase some of the island continent’s varied wildlife. The site is also known for its many walking tracks.

How to Get There

Once you are in Tasmania you can get to the site from just about any point. Your hotel or tour provider can easily provide the transportation. If you want to fly in to Tasmania directly, there are several airlines to choose from.

These include Qantas, Air Canada, JetStar Asia, British Airways, Gulf Air and many more. If you are in Launceston, the mountain is a 90 minute drive away.

What to See

A trip to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania gives you the chance to see some truly exotic animals. Some of the planet’s biggest marsupials can be found there. The eastern quoll, spotted-tailed quoll and the Tasmanian devil are also there.

One of the world’s only living monotremes -the platypus- is found in the mountain area too. Monotremes refer to the most basic mammal group in the world.

The mountain is a sight to behold as it stands over the whole area. Visitors can explore the land or take leisurely strolls. A journey deep into the Tasmanian forest will reveal its wildlife, rainforest and glacial lakes.

Other areas you can visit are the beaches nearby and waterfalls. The Walls of Jerusalem National Park is also close by. You can also go on a hike to explore lakes, rivers, and forests.


The Cradle Valley emerged 20,000 years ago. The ice started melting 10,000 years ago, forming the present landscape. Progression took place slowly. Today, there are different types of plant life in the area.

Among the best known are the king billy pines and the Nothofagus Gunnii. The latter is the only native deciduous tree in the country. Another plant life is Pandani’s. This is at Ronny Creek by Dove Lake. The mountain was named in 1826 by Joseph Fassey.


The rates usually start at AUD $159.00. However, the total charges will depend on how long you plan to stay. 1 and 2 day trips are aplenty. But there are also 3 to 7 day tours. The longer trips include staying at cabins in the area.

Before you go on a trip to Cradle Mountain in Tasmania, make sure all your travel papers are ready. Next, decide how long the trip will be. Now you can start searching online for the best travel options.