Cultural Village Tour – Micronesia

Micronesia is an interesting tourist destination. With its many islands, almost 90% is uninhabited, and its rich historical past. If you are through exploring the picturesque sandy beaches, you must proceed with a Cultural Village Tour so you will have a complete roundup of what Micronesia is all about.

Location and How to Get There

Before learning how to get to the destination, you must first understand what a Cultural Village Tour is all about.

Well, a Cultural Village Tour is all about visiting some of the most intriguing places in Micronesia where ancient traditions, customs, and culture still prevail. It can be done in states such as Yap where the people are naturally shy. They are into handicraft making, enjoying traditional dance, and gathering coconuts. They live simply and peacefully in their very own patch of Micronesia. You must realize, however, that a Cultural Village Tour cannot be done in the main island of Yap but in secluded islands where people carry on a strong

Yap is accessible by boat and by plane. It is also accessible via road travel from Gagil and Maap. To get around, you may use taxis as well as the public bus system.

What to See There

Yap is a state of about 134 islands. Among those, only 22 islands are inhabited. Some of the islands with native people who are holding on strongly to ancient cultures and traditions are well suited for a Cultural Village Tour.

Visit old towns and villages where people are not as urbanized as the ones who are in the state capital Colonia. Have a deeper understanding of the locals as well as their common rituals, including their fascination of traditional dance.

The best way to understand how these locals live is to experience them in the most personal level. Going around the islands in a guided cultural village tour, therefore, is highly recommended You will learn more, see more, and do more out of the natural resources that the islands are blessed with.


Yap opened its windows for tourism in late 1980s. Partly, tourists flock to the state for the ingenuity of its islands. The other part is due to the traditional island culture.


A Cultural Village Tour does not cost much as traveling to the lively cities and towns. However, you need to expend a good amount of money to explore the islands where the villagers are strongly rooted to the ancient culture.

Other Info

Yap is famous for its stone money. Its currency is quite huge and cannot be easily moved.