Dartmoor in Devon – England

A trip to Dartmoor in Devon is a great way to explore prehistoric remains in England. The site is filled with many ancient earthworks, stone circles and artifacts.

How to Get There

The moorland is located in the center of Devon. There are several public transport vehicles that can take you to the site. Visitors can also fly to Exeter or Plymouth. From there you can avail of public transport or rent a car. When you get to the area, walk around. It is the best way to explore the sights and sounds.

What to See

The area has plenty of tors to climb. Not far from these are trails and paths. The terrain is easy enough for children to hike. A trip to Dartmoor in Devon also lets you get up close and personal with ancient Britain. On Bovey Tracey you will find prehistoric artifacts.

Buckland-in-the-Moor is a wooded portion with a church. Not far off is the Buckland Beacon. An ancient inscription of the 10 commandments can be found there. Also worth visiting are Chagford and Cornwood, two ancient villages.

Brent Tor is situated north of Tavistock. It is a small hill with a church set on top of it. The Burrator reservoir is an artificial lake but its design makes it look genuine. Also worth checking out are Castle Drogo and Dartmeet. This is the point where the East and West Dart Rivers join.

When you are in the area, the Fingle Bridge, Fog-in-tor Quarrr and Lustleigh Cleave should be visited also. Some of the other ancient villages in the area include Haytor Vale (near the tors) and Mary Tavy. This village doesn’t get too crowded with tourists, making walks very pleasant.


The archaeological evidence shows the area has been occupied as far back as 5,000 years ago. The evidence for this includes burial chambers and stone circles. There are also many ancient bridges, castles and churches in the site. Tin-steaming at the moorland goes back at least to the 12th century. The other buildings date from different time periods.


Lodging costs vary. The East Okement Farm cost about 6 Pounds a night. The Moorland View cost 120 Pounds a night. Travel tours will cost more because they include sleeping accommodations, guided tours and food. A 6 day, 7 night tour costs at least 455 Pounds per individual.

A trip to Dartmoor in Devon may entail additional expenses depending on the itinerary. You have to check with your tour provider for details.