Daugava Museum in Riga – Latvia

The Daugava Museum in Riga is one of the most interesting places you can visit in Latvia. If you want to know more about the city and the country, this is where you should go.


The museum is at Salaspils district, Kekava parish, Doles sala, LV-2121. The place is well known by the locals, so it is easy to find.

What to See

The place is noteworthy for its expositions about the Stone Age. There are several artifacts from that period, including bones. The museum also has plenty of information and relics about the Daugava River. You will also see some artifacts concerning the earliest inhabitants of the country.

The museum is also known for its fishing tools. There are also postcards and pictures of the Daugava arts. The museum has several artifacts and data about Latvian history.

Some of the other interesting objects in the museum are those about the Salaspils Laukskola settlement (9th century BC). You will also get information about the Ikskile Castle and church complex. These were the first to be built in the area.


The Daugava Museum in Riga was constructed back in in 1631. The first owner was Nikolauss Deetrih Sperreuter, a colonel in the Swedish Army. Through the years, the owners changed, and the museum changed as well. Before the museum was given its present name, it was known as Doles Manor. The place is so-called because it is close to the river Daugava.

As the years passed, numerous exhibits were added to the site. There are currently 50,000 items in the museum. 33,000 are on permanent exhibit.


The entrance fee is Ls 0.70 for adults and Ls 0.50 for students and pensioners. There is no entrance fee for preschool children and musem employees. The cost of a guide is LVL 3.00. If you are only going to visit the park, the fee is LVL 0.20 – LVL 0.15.

There is no parking fee. Guided tours beyond the museum will cost LVL 0.80 for adults. For students it is LVL 0.60. If you are on a travel package tour, the fees may be covered by the amount you paid the operator.

Other Info

The museum has activities for children, souvenirs and information boards. The museum is friendly for disabled people. The park around the museum has a picnic spot and a campfire place.

The Daugava Museum in Riga is open everyday except on Tuesdays from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm. During the summer, the place is open from 10:00 am until 10:00 pm.