Denis Island – Seychelles

Denis Island – Seychelles is an island that provides guests the perfect sanctuary where you can relax and unwind amidst picturesque and tranquil surroundings.

This coral island is often the backdrop of beach weddings and honeymoons in the island nation as well as the ideal destination for family and friends looking for a bit of “alone” time to bond and enjoy each other’s company.


Denis Island – Seychelles is located in the northeastern parts of the island nation, approximately sixty miles off Mahe. It is close to another popular island in Seychelles, the Bird Island.

Getting There

International flights to Seychelles fly in via the only international airport in Seychelles which is the Seychelles International Airport. You can then take an inter-island flight from Mahe which will fly you directly to Denis Island – Seychelles.

The flight will take approximately thirty minutes to reach Denis Island.

What to See and Do

Denis Island – Seychelles is the ideal destination for travelers looking to enjoy a bit of sun and surf. Its white, sandy beaches offer guests the opportunity to go for a dive down its waters where you can see magnificent corals and a colorful variety of fish life.

There are PADI-certified instructors that can take you down the waters of the island as well as give diving lessons for guests who want to experience the thrill of diving underwater for the first time.

Guests can go sailing an windsurfing; hike up the nature trails, visit farms and explore the rich flora and fauna of the island.

There are also a few notable landmarks within the island such as the lighthouse that stands watch on the northern part of the island; and the Chapel St. Denis is also worth a visit.

Brief History

Denis Island – Seychelles takes its name from a French explorer who came upon the island in the year 1773. Denis de Trobriant found the island to be a haven filled with various bird species and turtles.

The French then became the first inhabitants of the island. They planted a wide variety of crops, from sugar to coconut. The island then became a major source of copra which is a major import product of Seychelles.

In 1881, a lighthouse was constructed and then in 1908, a chapel was built – said to be sole ecumenical chapel in the island nation.

Today, Denis Island – Seychelles is abundant in coconut palms; adding to the idyllic atmosphere of the island.


The cost to stay in Denis Island – Seychelles varies but the minimum number of days for guests to stay in any of the villas or cottages within the island is three days.

Accommodation rates can range from €760 up to €1000 per night per person.

Other Information

Denis Island – Seychelles has a tennis court, jogging trail and a boutique that offers novelty items as well as a few holiday essentials such as toiletries and beach wear.