Desert Safari in Doha – Qatar

Desert Safari in Doha is an interesting travel adventure in Qatar. It is enriching, it is exciting, it is mesmerizing.

Location and How to Get There

Many tour operators offer a Desert Safari. Transfers are easy because they are duly guided by the operator. Usually, you will be picked up from your desired point and will be driven about 75 kilometers south of Doha, ready for the rollercoaster drive across the sand dunes.

Getting around Doha, meanwhile, is all about taxis and private car rentals. Depending on your budget and your preference, you have the liberty to choose which way to go to reach your destination.

What to See There

A Desert Safari involves a helluva of activities. It is not merely about traversing the sand dunes via four-by-four vehicles. Although that trip alone is quite an adventure already. Traveling through the 60-meter mysterious desert will give you an unprecedented view and unequaled experience.

To cap off your desert safari, be ready to take a dip at the inland sea, which is warm and friendly. Swimming will give you a different yet interesting experience that will be for keeps.

A desert safari usually takes either a half-day or whole-day journey. If you want, you can also avail of an overnight safari. You can have your trip itinerary tailored to your needs, your time-frame, and your budget.


Desert Safari in Doha has been one of Qatar’s tourism strengths for a while now. Tourist operators made a handful of tour packages available to become attractive enough to excited explorers.


Travel cost all depends on the tour operator you get in touch with and the inclusions in your travel plan. The kind of adventure that you decide on as well as the facilities that will be used for your trip speaks of the price you will have to pay.

If you have enough dollars in your pocket, you can easily avail of a premium package that will have lots of amenities that will keep your trip as enjoyable and as comfortable as possible. You can avail of camps with Bedouin style tents, washroom/toilet facilities, and generous servings of water and other drinks.

Other Info

To make sure that the trip is enjoyable and worth every cent you spend, trust only a reputable tour operator. The quality of your trip will depend on how your travel agent handles the adventure. So be sure to choose your operator well. Make sure that the features of your trip are cut out to your own preference.