Diyarbakir – Turkey

Diyarbakir in Turkey is not usually a place people think of as a tourist spot. In fact however, there are several interesting sights in the area.


The city is located in Southeastern Anatolia, and it is the largest in the area. You can find it along the Tigris River banks. The most convenient way to reach the city is by flight either from Istanbul or Ankara. You can also take the trains from Istanbul or Ankara. However, the train rides are long and uncomfortable. They are also very crowded.

What to See

One of the most popular attractions at Diyarbakir in Turkey is the Ulu Camii mosque. This is the most ancient mosque in the entire Anatolia region. You can find it in the middle of Old Town. This used to be a church but was changed into a mosque back in the 11th century.

Visitors can also check out the Kervanseray. It is full of bookstores, cafes and coffee shops. There are also souvenir stores. There is also the Meryem Ana Kilisesi (the Virgin Mary Church). This church was built in the 3rd century. Adjacent to this is the ruins of an old Armenian church.


The city used to be known as Amid. It was also the capital of the Aramean Bet-Zamani kingdom. After years under Assyrian rule, the city fell to Rome. Under Roman rule it was called Amida. The city would fall under Persian rule in 359 AD.

In 639 AD, Amida was conquered by the Arabs who gave it its modern name. From the 1070s onwards, the city was ruled by several Turkish kingdoms.


Cost of staying at Turkey depends on what amenities you want. The cheapest is TL40 to TL60 daily. For moderate (staying at 3 star hotels, low fare airlines, bus rides) it will cost TL85 to TL140 daily. If you want the top of the line services, you will have to spend TL200 to TL600 daily.

Other Info

You will find several tea gardens by the Basalt city walls and at Ofis. There you will get the chance to mingle with the locals. The Mahya Kahve Evi is one of the most popular coffee houses in the city. You can choose from over 70 types of coffee, plus the service is quick.

About 40 km northwest of Diyarbakir in Turkey is Cayonu. This is where the first animals on the planet were domesticated. This is a center for archaeological research.