Dizin Ski Resort in Tehran – Iran

The Dizin Ski Resort in Tehran is the first ski resort in Iran that was given recognition by the International Ski Federation. That menans, it is fit not just for tourist explorations but also for international competitions. But that’s not exactly why The Dizin Ski Resort is a top destination. It definitely has more allures than just the technical features.

Location and How to Get There

The Dizin Ski Resort is located in the high mountains Alborz, north of Tehran. It is about 43 miles away from the capital city, which means it is highly accessible especially for those coming from international flights.

What to See There

Basically, a trip to Dizin Ski Resort is all about the amusement of skiing. Although the resort also houses facilities for mountain climbing, biking, and playing tennis, skiing is still the top activity, the number one reasons tourists flock there.

If you do not have an active body and you cannot take up the demands of sports, you can just look around at marvel about the scenic beauty that will meet your eyes.

The Dizin Ski Resort plays hosts to two hotels, nineteen cottages, and five restaurants. At the sight of it, it is definitely a nice place to have a much-needed break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It is a great destination for those who like to relax, unwind, and recharge.

The sights alone will keep you amazed. What more if you start getting a hand on the countless activities available?


The Dizin Ski Resort was built in 1969. It was opened during the Shah of Iran’s reign.


Travel packages at Dizin Ski Resort sure come with a price. But the amount you will have to spend is sure worth it considering all the facilities and amenities you can get your hands to.

Lodging rates are wide and varied, whether you like to stay at the two hotels that are very near the ski lifts or at the chalets, which are also within walking distance to the ski lifts.

Other Info

The ski season at Dizin lasts longer than in any other ski resorts in Europe. That is because Dizin is blessed with a suitable climatological condition. From November to May, you can enjoy a ski holiday. But it does not end there. With a host of facilities available, there are many interesting holiday packages that you may book at Dizin all season, not just winter. Activities for summer, fall, and spring are also on hand to ill give you a good time all year round.

If you are interested to learn ski, you may also enroll at Dizin. Ski instructions are also on offer, for a fee, of course.