Dongola – Sudan

Also spelled as Dunqula and Dunqulah, Dongola in Northern State, Sudan is one of the most interesting places you can visit. Visitors should not mistake this place for Old Dongola which lies on the opposing bank.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The city is situated along the Nile banks. You can fly in to the city directly as there is an airport. You can rent a car and drive there on your own. Driving is not dangerous, but it is chaotic. If this is not possible, you can get a taxi to take you to the city. There are also 4WDs available.

What to See There

The city is best known as the center of the Nubian civilization. The city used to be a part of the Upper Nubia province. Some of the most fascinating aspects of the site are the archeological remains from the Islamic and Makurian periods.

The Baqt Treaty remains are also to be found in the city. The area is also known as the site of General Herbert Kitchener’s victory against the Mahdist tribes in 1896.


The city and the whole province used to belong to the Makuria kingdom. This would later be integrated in the Egyptian kingdom. During the time it was part of Upper Nubia, it encompassed both sides of the Nile.

Excavations showed remains of this kingdom from the Islamic and Orthodox periods. Following the 19th century occupation, the Dongola in Northern State, Sudan was declared a Pasha seat of power.


When you enter Sudan, registration is required. This will cost 110 SDG. The process may take a day if at Khartoum. If done in Wadi Halfa, it should take an hour only. There is also a departure tax. If you are going to any area the government regards as unstable, permit to travel is required. This will cost US$15. The processing time will vary.

Other Info

Several roads in the area are named after famous people or events n the region’s history. The Dongola Road was named after Kitchener’s famous victory. If you are at the Northern State, you may also want to check out Wadi Halfa. This used to be the headquarters of the British during the 19th century.

Dongola in Northern State, Sudan is known as a cultural melting pot. Testament to this fact is that the name is used by other cities around the world. Like the other nearby cities, Dongola is known for its friendly people.