Dudelange – Luxemburg

Dudelange is a city in Luxembourg that was home to famous Impressionist artist, Dominique Lang. It is also home to, F91 Dudelange; by far the most successful football club in the country, in recent years.


Dudelange – Luxemburg situated at the foot of Mount Saint Jean, within close distance to the French border.

Getting There

To get to Dudelange – Luxemburg, you have two options: via rail or bus. Since it is also close to the city of Luxembourg, your best option is to come from this city and take either a train or bus to reach the town.

Once you are in town, it can be easily explored on foot. With its location at the foot of a mountain, walking around the city is the best way to enjoy its scenic views.

What to See and Do

Dudelange – Luxemburg offers a variety of things to see and do; whether you want to enjoy a leisurely stroll in the city’s nature reserve or visit the municipal park for a bit of relaxation under the trees; or you want to learn more about the city’s steel history, you have plenty of options when it comes to keeping yourself entertained while in town.

There are a good number of museums here, each one offering a different perspective on the town’s rich history. The local museum has the most comprehensive collection on the town’s early beginnings. Its collection covers Archeology, Paleontology and History.

Other museums include the Regional Museum of Forced Conscription and the National Museum of Immigration.

The castle ruins are also worth a visit. You can go up the tower for an excellent panoramic view of the city. Other recreational activities you can do here include swimming in the indoor and outdoor pool at the Hartmann Sports Center.

Brief History

Dudelange – Luxemburg once had a thriving steel industry. Its early beginnings date back to the 1900s. Dudelange is locally known as “Forge du Sud.”

The city is now a commercial center and attracts tourists year-round because of the diversity of its attractions.

Several festivities are held here annually, including a Celtic Celebration in March; a Music Festival in June and a Medieval Fair in September.


Train and bus tickets going to Dudelange – Luxemburg from Luxembourg City generally cost about € 1.50 per person, valid for two hours; while a day ticket costs about € 4 per person.

Entry into the local museum and a visit to the castle ruins are free of charge.

Other Information

The local museum in Dudelange – Luxemburg is open everyday except Mondays, from two in the afternoon up to six in the evening. The castle is open year-round although opening times may vary depending on whether or not there is an archeological excavation ongoing at the time of your visit.