Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg

Known as “Little Switzerland,” the Mullerthal Region is a nature lover’s paradise; with its picturesque landscape set against the backdrop of a charming little region; this is one of the best places in the country to experience the beauty of nature.

Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg is a small city that provides some of the most scenic nature spots in the region.


Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg is situated along the banks of the Sure River, close to the German border. It is located at the eastern section of the country.

Getting There

Flying in is via the international airport located in Luxembourg City. From the city, you can take a bus or a train to get to Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg.

If you will be taking the bus, take bus number 110 or 111 which will get you right to Echternach.

There are also trains that go to Luxembourg City from Belgium, France, Germany and Holland. You can then travel to Echternach by bus.

What to See and Do

Visiting Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg, you have a number of sights to visit as well as plenty of things to do. Take a relaxing walk around the lake which is about twenty minutes off the city center.

The surrounding woodlands have walk paths that you can take for a bit of a stroll amidst lush vegetation.

There are also museums, churches and a cathedral that you can visit in town. The Benedictine Abbey which houses the Museum of the Abbey will give you a glimpse of the religious history of the city.

Walk down to the Roman Villa, less than thirty minutes’ walk from the city center. There are ruins of an old Roman house that you can visit here. This tourist attraction is right beside the artificial lake.

Other museums include the Museum of Prehistory, Museum of Rural Architecture and the Didactic Museum.

Finally, visit the Crypt of the St. Willibrord Basilica which houses the sarcophagus of the remains of the founder of the Benedictine Abbey.

Brief History

Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg is the oldest city in the country. It developed around the perimeters of the Abbey of Echternach which was established in the year 698.

The Abbey was founded by a monk, St. Willibrord, who came from what is now known as North Yorkshire in England. He served as the abbot of the city’s monastery until the time of his death in the year 739.

The locals commemorate him through the dancing procession which takes place every Tuesday after Pentecost Monday.


There are free tourist attractions around Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg and there are likewise those that require a small fee. To visit the Museum of the Abbey, an entry fee of € 3 for adults and € 1.50 for kids, is charged.

For the Museum of Prehistory, admission fee is € 1 for adults and € 0.50 for kids; while the Didactic Museum charges an entry fee of € 3 for adults and € 1.50 for kids.

Other Information

If you happen to be in Echternach in Mullerthal – Luxemburg on Whit Tuesday, you will witness the most popular and unique procession in the country, the dancing procession.

The procession goes down the streets of the city and is the most popular tourist attraction in Echternach.