Eiffel Tower in Paris – France

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is the biggest tourist attraction in France. The country has many sightseeing spots, but this tower is no doubt the ultimate destination for visitors to the country.

How to Get There

The tower is on Paris’ Left Bank. This is at the fifth arrondissement. Your tour provider can bring you to the site.

What to See

The best time to visit during the winter is around 9:30 in the morning. Try visiting at 9:00 am during the summer. This way you can avoid the rush of people. Another nice time to visit is the sunset. The view is beautiful and the crowds tend to get smaller.

You have the option of taking the steps or the lifts. However, you need to utilize the lift for the topmost level. You cannot use the steps in the nighttime. Handicapped people can use the elevator to reach level one and two of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The tower has three elevators. Due to reasons of security, only a couple are used for any day.


The tower was built for the 1889 World Exposition. It did not achieve instant popularity; in fact it was almost demolished. As the years went by however, the tower would be recognized as the symbol of the country. Today, the structure attracts over 200 million tourists. Lovely in the daytime, it is spectacular at night as lights illuminate it.

The best time to visit the site is between October and March. There are fewer people around the observation spots. The period from November to February draws fewer tourists. But the cold weather can make viewing difficult.


The fees vary slightly per season. The admission fee to the uppermost level is 12 Euros for adults and children over 12 years of age. The fee for kids 3 to 11 years old is 6.7 Euros. The admission fee for the 2nd landing is 7.80 (adults and children over 12). For kids 3 to 11, it is 4.30 Euros.

For the first floor landing on the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the fee is 4.80 for adults. It is 2.50 Euros for children 3 to 11. All children under three years of age can go to any level free of charge.

The tower is open for visitors every day. There are also fewer people around during weekdays than the weekends. You can visit the tower from 9:30 am to 11:00 pm.