El Cope Division General Park – Panama

El Cope Division General Park – Panama may not be as popular as the other national parks in the country but it is well worth the trip, especially for those looking for an adventurous trek, amidst bucolic surroundings.


El Cope Division General Park – Panama, otherwise known as Omar Torrijos National Park, is located on the west-central section of Coclé Province.

Getting There

You can travel by bus to El Cope Division General Park – Panama right from Panama City, Aguadulce in Coclé or Penonomé, also in Coclé.

You can also drive up to the park but be advised that the best vehicle for this trip is a 4WD as the road leading right up to the entrance of the park is rather rough, uneven and muddy.

There are road signs that you can follow so you can take the right direction going towards the park. Entrance to the park is about seven kilometers from El Cope.

What to See

El Cope Division General Park – Panama has cloud forests up in the higher parts of the park and rainforests in lower portion of the park. There are trails in the cloud forests and as you go up the trails, you can see various bird and frog species.

Going up the Pacific Slope and down the Caribbean Slope, you can get stunning views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

From within the rainforest, there are magnificent waterfalls and streams where you can go for a short dip. On your return trek from the rainforest, you will need to take a river trail where you can see cows grazing and beautiful pastures.

Brief History

El Cope Division General Park – Panama was founded in the year 1986 in order to protect and preserve the rivers along the Pacific Slope: Bermejo River and Marta River; and river along the Caribbean Slope: Blanco River, Guabal River and Lajas River.

The park takes its name after Major General Omar Torrijos, a populist leader whose plane crashed in El Cope back in the year 1983.

The General has taken a liking to El Cope, visiting the place several times and organizing social community projects as well as economic community projects.


Entry fee to the park is $3.00 per day while overnight stays are at $5.00. There is a cabin nearby for guests who wish to stay overnight and guests are charged $5.00 per night, per person.

Other Information

It is recommended that you bring your own supply of potable water as it is hard to come by bottled water here, if any at all. The best time to visit El Cope Division General Park – Panama is during the months of June and July when the weather is favorable.