El Cristo de La Habana in Casa Blanca – Cuba

El Cristo de La Habana in Casa Blanca is one of the more interesting landmarks in Cuba. It is a marble statue of Christ, which is so tall it provides an overlooking view of Havana, the country’s capital city.

Location and How to Get There

El Cristo de La Habana is located at the heart of Casa Blanca. It is a mere ferryboat ride away from Havana. Within a few minutes, you will already be at the fortress where the huge statue of Christ stands.

What to See There

Basically, there is nothing else more than the “sculpture of Jesus Christ in Havana” that you will see at the site. That is the literal meaning of El Cristo de La Habana. But if you are interested to see beyond the sacred place, you can also savor at the site of the Havana Bay including the boats going to and from Casa Blanca.

Jesus Christ’s statue is a humongous 20-meter statue that weighs around 320 tons. It is made by 67 pieces and sits on top of three foundations. All in all, it s height is around 51 meters above sea level.


El Cristo de La Habana has a very mesmerizing history. The statue was sculpted and blessed by the Pope in Rome before it was transported to Casa Blanca. It was made by famous Cuban local, sculptor Gilma Madera and was inaugurated in the latter part of 1958.

Since then, El Cristo de La Habana became a symbol of faith among the fishermen population of Casa Blanca and all of Cuba in general.


Paying a visit to the El Cristo de La Habana is not expensive. You just have to shed a few dollars for the ferry to get there. If ever the fortress demands an entrance fee, it would definitely be minimal. The things you need to spare a budget for would be the other activities you will get into while you are in Casa Blanca. That includes eating out, traveling to and from, and your lodging.

Other Info

El Cristo de La Habana is part of an architecture that serves as the entrance to the old Carenas Port. True enough, like a warm welcome, it is the first thing that sailors see from the Havana Bay. It is the statue that overlooks the harbor. Christ’s sculpture faces the city of Havana with all His blessedness; one hand on the chest while the other is up.

Interestingly, the statue was inaugurated on Christmas day of 1958, exactly a week before the Cuban Revolt’s triumph.