El Cusuco National Cloud Forest in Roatan Island – Honduras

The El Cusuco National Cloud Forest in Roatan Island is one of the major cloud forests in the Honduras. It is known for its lush scenery and myriad wildlife.


The park is the nearest one to San Pedro Sula (to its west side). From Cofradia, it is a couple of hours drive up the Merendon Mountain Range. The address is Hector Rodrigo Pastor Fasquelle, Ecologica Foundation, 1a Calle, 7 ave NO, Apartado Postal 2749, San Pedro Sula, Cortes.

What to See

There are several attractions in the park, notably the gorgeous waterfall. Probably the best known attraction here is the Quetzal, an endangered tropical bird. One of the loveliest birds in the Honduras, it is now being protected in the area. The El Cusuco National Cloud Forest also has a visitor center where you can get more information about the park.

The forests go up over the oak, pines and valleys. The term cloud forest is apt because their peaks reach into the clouds. As you go through the forests, you will see several springs and creeks. There are also many rivers.

Another attraction in the park is the jilguero. It is a rarely seen bird but well known for its beautiful voice. The park is also home to several types of monkeys, including the howlers and Capuchin. The forest is also home to the coati, a cousin of the raccoon.


Roatan island is situated near the biggest barrier reef in the Caribbean. It is perhaps best known as a cruise ship destination. The beauty of the island has also made it into a popular diving destination. The pristine white beaches and snorkel sites have been around the island for years, but it was only in 2005 when cruise ships passing by discovered it.

Early in its history, the place was visited almost exclusively by divers. Over the years, the number of tourists and cruise ships have increased. Today, the island is one of the main tourist attractions in the country.


The entrance fee to the park is 5 USD.

Other Info

Precipitation is persistent due to the wind born mist that goes through forest. Even without the presence of rain, the forest drips water continuously. This earned the place the moniker the weeping

The El Cusuco National Cloud Forest is also home to different types of birds. Aside from Quetzal, you will also see the woodpeckers, trogons and the emerald toucanet. There are also crested guans and clamorous curassows.