El Serrat in Valira del Nord Valley – Andorra

El Serrat in Valira del Nord Valley is one of the most remarkable tourist attractions in Andorra. While not that well known, the mountain village is actually quite interesting.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The village is situated at the parish in Ordino at Andorra. It is elevated by 1,540 meters (5,100 ft). You can get to the country by plane. To the end of the valley road is the village itself. If you are traveling by road, only two may be used; one from Spain and the other France.

What to See There

The area is known for its wild flowers. Among them are Dianthus monspessulanus, Mediterranean Sea Holl and the Monkshood Aconitum napellus subsp. Vulgare. The mountain village is also popular among skiers the world over.

Its pristine scenery and cool atmosphere has endeared it to an increasing number of tourists. El Serrat in Valira del Nord Valley is also the perfect place to see the villages nearby.


From 1278 to 1994, the people of Andorra lived under French rule. Prior to World War II, the country was mired in poverty. However, it has been experiencing economic growth thanks to tourism. Part of the attraction is there is no income tax.

The whole country is practically drained by a single river, Gran Valira. The Nord valley actually flows through many settlements. Among them are La Massana, Ordino, Sornas and La Cortinada. It goes into Les Escaldes and joins up with Valira d’Orient. It makes up Gran Valira.


Train fares in and around Andorra cost 2 Euros. The more scenic routes cost 5 Euros. Bus fares vary, but they should be around 8 Euros.

Other Info

Hiking is another popular activity. Many hiking activities begin at Arinsal at the base of Pic de Medecourbe (2,914 m) and Coma Pedrosa (2,942 m). Another popular hiking trail is Pic de Coma Pedrosa.

If you are staying at the country, there are several lodging options. These include the Hotel Himalaia, the Andorra flats and Hotel Santa Barbara de la Vall d’Ordino. Internet connections are very good. The number of Net subscribers is almost equal to the people with phones.

El Serrat in Valira del Nord Valley is one of the best ways to see the beauty of Andorra. It is not the first place you may consider when planning a vacation, but it can be the adventure of a lifetime.