Elche Palm Tree Forest in Alicante – Spain

Spain is an enthrallen travel destination One of the many things that attract tourists from all over the world is the Elche Palm Tree Forest in Alicante.

Location and How to Get There

Elche, the exact location of the well-known palm tree forest is the third largest city in the Comunidad de Valencia. It serves as the capital of the Baix Vinalopo region of Alicante. You have to travel around 23 kilometers from Alicante to Elche. From there, you will easily get your way around to find where the Elche Palm Tree Forest is.

What to See There

Elche Palm Tree Forest is the largest palm grove in Spain. In there, you will find about 200,000 specimens, which wonderfully fill the skyline with a picturesque sight. Unlike the other tourist destinations, the palm forest is best viewed from afar as the scenic beauty is best appreciated when you get a full view.

Then again, you can always drop by the forest to explore and see for yourself the different species of palm trees standing tall in there.

Aside from the physical beauty, the history of Elche Palm Tree Forest is also fantastic. You can go around and discover the enriching details on how this magnificent travel site came about.


As mentioned earlier, the history behind Elche Palm Tree Forest is as amusing as the forest itself. It was believed that the Phoenicians built the palm forest in the 6th Century. But it was the Moors — during the Arab occupation, between 8th and 13th Century – that nourished it. It was the Moors who designed and irrigated the forest for support and sustenance.

Unlike other forests, the Elche Palm Forest was designed with a purpose in mind. It is not a natural habitat but a man-made sanctuary that is meant to provide protection not just for the edible dates but also for other crops such as herb and fruit trees. It is in this forest that you will find dates, which is considered a valuable commodity in the region and the whole country.


There is no cost from coming to the Elche Palm Tree Forest other than your transport fees.

Other Info

The Moors designed a complex irrigation system that will bring water to other areas of the forest via small channels. The irrigation system was genius. In fact, it was able to sustain the palm tree forest for a long time. It is also used to provide the whole town of Elche with some water for bathing and other purposes.