Enga Province – Papua New Guinea

The tourist attractions at Enga Province are not yet well known compared to those in Madang and other places in Papua New Guinea. But in fact, there are more than a few places you can visit here.


The province is situated in the Papua New Guinea highlands. When traveling to the site, do not get confused as the name is also applied to the ethnic group that live there.

What to See

Wabang is the provincial capital and also its cultural center. You can visit the art gallery and museum in the city. Equally interesting is the architecture used for the local dwellings. The roofs of the homes are constructed from thatch.

The flooring is dirt with multiple bush materials applied to it. In other homes, ash and tree sap are applied on the roof as covering. Traveling across the area, you will see these structures scattered about.

Another place worth visiting is Kompiam at the northern edge of the province. This is where you will see a lot of the local residents practicing their own customs. The other tourist attractions at Enga can be see here too. Visitors to the area will also see several schools have been built for the children.


The oldest settlements in the area have been dated some 12,000 years ago. However, much more remains to be learned as little excavation has been done at the site. Europeans and Australians came to the island in the 1920s in search of gold. Majority of the explorations however, took place in the 1930s. By the time World War II broke out, the area had been studied enough so missionaries could be sent.

The missionary bases were set up in 1949. But the government was established only in the late 1950s. Before Papua New Guinea gained its independence in 1975, the province was included in the Western Highland District.


If you are a budget traveler, you will have to spend around 100 USD or so. If you plan on staying at the more high end hotels, expect to shell out several hundreds more.

Other Info

For several years, sweet potato was the standard food. In modern times however, the preferred food are rice, meat and fish. Pork is also much sought after. In the province, there is an intricate form of pig exchange known as tee.

Part of the tourist attractions at Enga Province is understanding the old customs that were practiced. Today, the most widely practiced religions are Lutheranism and Catholicism.