Enoko Island – Marshall Islands

Eneko Island at the Marshall Islands is one of the best places where you can see the beauty of the Pacific. It is, quite simply, a marvel of nature.


This island atoll is about 50 minutes away from Uligsa. A speedboat can take you there easily. The Marshall islands themselves can be found in the Pacific Ocean. The islands can be reached by plane or

What to See

This small atoll is known for the beautiful waters around it. You can go swimming or diving in any of the dive spots nearby. You can explore the island during the day via day trips. The view from the island is spectacular, and will make you forget about your problems.

If you want to stay overnight at the Eneko Island at the Marshall Islands, it is possible to do so. There are several small cottages you can stay in. Although they are small, it has all the basic amenities needed for a pleasant stay at the island.


The Micronesians have been living on the island for thousands of years. But the Europeans only came to it in the 1500s, beginning with Spanish explorers. They were followed by the British and the Germans. At the end of World War I, Japan captured the islands, which had been previously controlled by Germany.

The Japanese controlled the islands until World War II when the US started bombing it. After the war ended, the Americans utilized the islands as a testing ground for nuclear weapons.

The first hydrogen bomb ever tested by the US was conducted here. In 1986, the Marshall Islands were granted independence. However, the US still maintains a base there and conducts missile tests at the Kwajalein Atoll.


If you are staying on the islands, you can rent a car for about 60 USD a day. Once you leave the islands, there is a 20 USD tax.

Other Info

If you are at Majuro, you can also check out Laura Beach. It is only 40 km from town. You can also explore the many dive resorts around the island. Many of them have corals, colorful fish, eagle rays and sharks. You will also see plenty of ship wrecks in the dive sites.

The Eneko Island at the Marshall Islands is the place to be if you want to relax and have a good time. The beautiful scenery is the reason why visitors often long to come back to it.